Cloud Interconnection

Product Overview

In order for us to provide connections between your different service elements, you'll need an interconnection port. These ports come in a variety of shapes of sizes, but this guide will help you choose the correct product for your setup.

Specifically the Cloud Interconnection products allows for Layer 2 connection between most of your Talk Straight services.

Example Setups

Cloud Interconnect Setup Examples Diagram

Port Configurations

Port Presentation


All our internal patching from core to demarcation is 1310nm single mode fibre, as such our preferred method of interconnection is single mode optics, presented on a LC port in the patch panel at the top of the rack. Details of this will be provided to you prior to go-live. We strongly recommend the use of fibre over copper for 10Gbps speeds and above. 850nm or multi-mode presentation is available but has a longer lead time.

LC Pigtail


Any copper internal patching is all grade Cat6A so 10Gbps are possible. Presentation is on RJ-45 using an internal patching system. We strongly recommend you use Cat6A patch leads from the interconnection to your equipment, especially if you intend to run at 10Gbps speeds.

CAT6A Patch Lead

Port Speeds

Speed Fibre Copper Cable Resilient Description
1Gbps Yes Yes No 1Gbps standard interconnect product
n x 1Gbps Yes Yes Yes LACP LAG of n interconnects (Compatible Equipment Required)
10Gbps Yes (Preferred) Yes No 10Gbps Interconnect essential for the delivery of faster next gen connections. Fibre connections preferred for longevity and stability.
n x 10Gbps Yes (Preferred) Yes Yes LACP of the above.
100Gbps Yes No No Available upon request, really only required for the largest of tenants.


  • Co-Location, Firewall, Layer 2, VPLS
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