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Deploying certificate to Windows devices



Step 1 - Downloading the certificate

On your Windows device, download the certificate from the link below, if you already have the certificate then please ensure that it is on the device you wish to deploy to and go to step 2


Download Latest Certificate


Your browser may display a warning for the certificate, please choose Keep



As a default, the download will normally appear in your downloads area if you are having difficulty downloading the certificate you should speak with your Domain Administrator.

Browse to the folder where the certificate has been stored.



Step 2 - Installing the certificate

Double-click the certificate, you will be presented with a warning window choose Open



You will now be prompted with the following window, choose Install Certificate...



The certificate import wizard will open, choose Local Machine and click Next



We now need to Choose the certificate store that we will install the certificate to, Browse... to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities




Once completed the wizard screen will display the following message, click Finish to complete the installation




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