Layer 3 & Transit Interconnection

Product Overview

This product allows to us to provide you with Layer 3 Transit service to your service mesh or Co-Location services.


  • Upto 100Gbps
  • Resilient LACP available
  • Free DDoS detection & Mitigation

Service Demarcation Locations

  • IP House
  • AQL Salem Chapel
  • Equinix LD8

Technical Detail

Demarcation Options

  • PA IPv4 RIPE Allocation (Public IP Addressing)
  • PI Address Space announce via our AS Number

Basic Routed Setups

We can provide your space in a number of ways depending upon the complexity of your network.

Starting with a basic routed setup, we can route an IP range to a device of your choosing. This would preferably be done via a /31 allocation, however a /30 can be done if your equipment doesn't support /31 subnets. We would then use a static route at our end to route traffic to you. We'll take care of routing you the rest of the way through to the internet.

We can alternatively provide you with a default gateway within your IP range. This setup is use if you want to connect us to a switch and have multiple devices within your WAN range.

Advanced Routing & Resilience

For larger setups with the need for resilience, we can provide this in a few different ways. 

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)

From a Layer 3 perspective, we can offer BGP routing between our core and your equipment. Route-maps will need to be agreed, alongside an appropriate Public or Private ASN (Autonomous System Number). This would allow you to have multiple BGP enabled routers talking to us announcing your prefixes/routes. Our network is built on multiple RSP (Route Service Processor) engine routers, as such we can offer excellent uptimes on a service of this nature. A setup of this nature from your perspective could involve multiple co-location spaces, offering failover for your network services within our service cloud with full geo-diversity. It could also be used on a smaller scale between two dedicated racks within our cloud.

Our AS Number is: 199335 

To peer with us, see our PeeringDB Record:



VPLS (Spine Gateway)

We are also happy to offer a Layer 2 spine gateway option. In this setup we present to you multiple ports with access to the same IP gateway. This would allow you to offer the same WAN addressing across multiple locations or Co-Location services. Be aware that further interconnecting this range will result in your equipment broadcast storming, this will impact your switches a-lot more than our routers. As such you should treat this setup as a spine switch setup for you to connect your rack WAN/DMZ switches to. You could also use this same service to connect multiple public facing servers requiring access to the same IP space. Think of it as a virtual Layer 3 switch.  

As the above diagram shows, our core network is capable of presenting the same Layer 2 service mesh and IP exit gateways simultaneously. It should be noted however that routing things in this manner can create security issues. We are obviously happy to guide you to ensure we do this correctly however.




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