Deploying the Windows workstation agent - using Group Policy



Your workstation agent is used to perform authentication checks, this is generally pushed out via Group Policy, but can be run manually if this option is not available.


All workstation agents are individually created and will be synchronised to your Netsweeper Reference, please ensure that you have the correct agent supplied before installing.


Step 1 - Create the Windows share

Create a new folder on your chosen server and name it Netsweeper


Right-click the Netsweeper folder and then click Properties



Click the Sharing tab shown above

Now choose Advanced Sharing...



Tick the, Share this folder box



Step 2 - Setting the Share Permissions

Now click Permissions



In the new window choose Add...



We now need to add Authenticated Users to the share, with Read permissions, start by typing auth and clicking Check Names and clicking OK





Step 3 - Setting the Security Permissions

Right-click the Netsweeper folder and then click Properties, we now choose the Security Tab



Choose Edit and add Authenticated Users following the previous step



On the security Permissions, we need to apply the following 



Click Ok


Step 4 - Copy the Network Path

Clicking the Sharing tab we now need to copy the Network Path for later in the process



Step 5 - Move the Wagent.MSI to the Netsweeper Folder

Your workstation agent needs to be in this folder ready for the next step


Step 6 - Creating the Group Policy object

Due to variations in Server Operating systems, you may need to follow your own steps to complete this part.

  1. Open Group Policy Manager
  2. Right-click your domain and select Create a GPO in this domain and Link it here….
  3. Give the new GPO a suitable name
  4. Right-click the new GPO and click Edit
  5. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Policies > Software Settings > Software Installation
  6. Right-click on the white space to the right of the navigation menu and select Add New Package…


  1. Paste the share location from earlier into the Source files box and complete the path with \wagent(NSW Ref).msi
  2. Run GP Update /force on a test machine.

This concludes the Workstation Agent installation





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