Gold & Silver Licence - Feature Comparison



My phones use two licence types for their phone system Silver and Gold below is the feature comparison for these licences.



Headline Feature Description Silver Gold
Privacy Call-ID Blocking Yes Yes
  Block Anonymous Calls Yes Yes
  Block Anonymous Divert Yes Yes
  Block Anonymous Reject Yes Yes
  Block Anonymous Divert To Voicemail Yes Yes
Do Not Disturb DND Yes Yes
  Place Caller On Hold Yes Yes
Call Transfer Call Transfer Attended Yes Yes
  Cal Transfer Unattended Yes Yes
  Call Transfer Blind Yes Yes
Call Divert CD Always Yes Yes
  CD Busy Yes Yes
  CD No Answer Yes Yes
Call Forwarding CF Always Yes Yes
  CF Busy Yes Yes
  CF No Answer Yes Yes
  CF Sequential Yes Yes
  CF Parallel Yes Yes
  CF Overflow PSTN, AA, CQ, VM... Yes Yes
Last Caller Last Caller Yes Yes
  Spoken Call History Yes Yes
  Call Return Yes Yes
  Call Redial Yes Yes
Click 2 Talk Click 2 Talk Yes Yes
Clipboard Dialling Clipboard Dialling Yes Yes
Music On Hold Music On Hold Yes Yes
  Music On Hold Selective Yes Yes
Call Pick-up Call Pick-up Yes Yes
  Group Pick-up Yes Yes
  Call Pick-up Directed Yes Yes
Call Park Call Park Yes Yes
  Call Un-park Bay Yes Yes
Network Failure Network Failure User Yes Yes
  Network Failure Company Yes Yes
Call Waiting Call Waiting Yes Yes
Busy Lamp Field Busy Lamp Field Yes Yes
  Line Monitoring Yes Yes
Voicemail User Yes Yes
  Group Yes Yes
  VM to Email Yes Yes
  Directed VM Yes Yes
  VM to SMS Yes Yes
Fax Fax to Email Yes Yes
Hunt Group (250) HG Pick-up Yes Yes
  HG Forwarding Yes Yes
  HG Reporting Yes Yes
  HG Sequential Yes Yes
  HG Simultaneous Yes Yes
Address Book User Yes Yes
  Shared Yes Yes
  Company Yes Yes
Event Diary Diary to Email Yes Yes
Reporting and KPI User Yes Yes
  Group Yes Yes
  Company Yes Yes
Call History Call Made Yes Yes
  Call Received Yes Yes
  Call Search Yes Yes
Time-Based Routing Time-based Routing Yes Yes
  Call Management Planner Yes Yes
Call Barring Policies User Yes Yes
  Company Yes Yes
CLI Presentation Policies CLI Yes Yes
3 Way Call 3 Way Call Yes Yes
Call Queues Call Queueing No Yes
Call Recording Call Recording No Yes
Auto Attendent Auto Attendent No Yes
Phone Buddy Presence and Pop-up Screen Yes Yes
  Presence status and Away when Idle Yes Yes
  Directory with Company, private and external contacts Yes Yes
  IM service Yes Yes
  Calls, leave VM and send a text to your Internal and external contacts Yes Yes
  Send alerts to your contacts Yes Yes
  Email, internal and external contacts Yes Yes
  Web portal access Yes Yes
  Call history Yes Yes
  Click to talk Yes Yes
  Clipboard call Yes Yes
  VM retrieval and playback, Callback Yes Yes
  faxes Yes Yes
  Call recording retrieval, download and storage No Yes
  Clipboard Dialling Yes Yes
  Click to dial Yes Yes
  Skype For Business Yes Yes
  CTI  Integrations, Salesforce, Sage Act, Outlook, Zoho… Yes Yes
Phone Buddy Enhanced Calls presence + Optional Optional
Diagnostic Phone Status Yes Yes
  System Diagnostic Yes Yes
Miscellaneous Pin Protected Outbound dialling Yes Yes
  Outbound calling using alias Yes Yes
  Broadcast call (Yealink) Yes Yes
  Broadcast call (Cisco) Yes Yes
Web Portal Access User Yes Yes
  Administrator Yes Yes
Wallboards Call Overview Optional Optional
  Queued calls Optional Optional
Softphone PC, Mobile app Optional Optional
Video Call Polycom, Yealink, Bria (check for Supported handsets) No Yes
Conference Bridge Conferencing Facility Optional Optional



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