Soft-phone - Installing to mobile device


Supported: Android Version 4.4 Kit kat and above, iOS Version 9.0 and above




The ALTOS mobile softphone client application is available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The app can be found by searching for “ALTOS SOFTPHONE”.



installation of this software should be followed using your devices own configuration methods and will not be covered here.


Initial Setup

The first screen to appear is the authentication page, requiring confirmation of your username and password credentials, this can be inputted using the credentials that should have been provided

or the easiest way is to use the QR Code which is provided when the product if ordered via the portal.


Simply click the ‘Scan QR’ button and point to the graphic provided on your settings sheet, the relevant credentials will be read.
You will be prompted to agree to permissions which will allow scanning of the QR code. this will be required for both Android and iOS devices
Agree to allow Altos to take pictures and record video?
Agree to Permissions
Once the code has been read, the app will continue the setup process and request agreement to several other security permissions.
The following are normal and need to be agreed to continue:
  • Microphone Permission > Allow Altos to record audio?
  • Phone Permission > Allow Altos to make and manage phone calls?
  • Contacts Permission > Allow Altos to access your contacts?
  • Contacts Permissions > "Altos" Would Like to Access Your Contacts
  • Camera Permission > "Altos" Would Like to Access the Camera
  • Notifications Permission > "Altos" Would Like to Send You Notifications
Your device will now register to the ALTOS platform and be available for use:
To use the application your device must be successfully registered with the ALTOS platform and this is indicated by the logo displaying in green text.
If the device is not correctly registered it would be displayed in red text.
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