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Supported: Android Version 4.4 Kit kat and above




Basic Layout

The five navigation tabs located at the top of the screen are described below:

Keypad -- Allows entry of phone number digits and dialling


Quick Dial Favourites -- Allows entry of quick dial numbers for colleagues within your business and the ability for basic status (On Call / Off Call) availability


  Contacts -- Display the list of contacts stored in your mobile phone and allows them to be dialled using the ALTOS SOFTPHONE application


Messaging -- Displays conversation history and allows messages to be sent and received to other users of the mobile client within your company


Call History -- Displays details of made, received and missed calls


Depending on the selected personal preference settings you may also see the following:


Call button -- To initiate a call once a phone number has been entered


Call using GSM -- To initiate a call over the GSM cellular network rather than using the ALTOS app


Voicemail -- Allows access to voicemail messages and greetings


Additional Settings can be accessed via the 3 dots top right of the navigation bar



These are described below



Account Setup -- Allows re-entry of Username and Password (this should never be necessary)Options to set ‘Do not disturb and ‘Call Forwarding’ which are explained in more detail later in this document

Incoming calls -- The default is ‘Push notifications’ and it is recommended that this is not changed

Preferences -- Access to various settings which are covered in more detail later in this document

About -- Shows product information

Usage -- DisplaysTalk times and Call counts with the option to reset values

Logs -- Displays SIP and Android log files which may be used for diagnostics

Share with friends -- Write a review or send information about the app to friends and colleagues


Reset Application -- Remove all user account information, settings and history


Account Setup 

Under this section, you can set your Do not disturb and Call forwarding status. You are initially presented with a screen showing Username and Password with the DND and Call forwarding configuration options immediately below these fields.


Do not disturb

To activate DND simply tap the toggle control and then confirm by clicking the tick box  

When returning to the main Dialpad screen you will notice that there is a DND indicator beneath the ALTOS application name



Call forwarding

To set up a divert so that all calls are forwarded to another number, tap the relevant area on the screen and then toggle to Enabled control,

followed by entering the number you wish to forward to



Confirm by tapping the   at the top right of the screen to return you to the Edit Account screen

and then tap the  once more to complete the process.  

The app name will change colour from green to orange to indicate that calls are currently forwarded



Status check

By tapping the app name, it is possible to check the status of any call forwarding and it also offers another method of setting the Do not disturb status which some users may find more convenient.


To exit this status message simply tap anywhere on the screen outside of the message box.


Call Handling

The default is ‘Push notifications’ and it is recommended that this is not changed

Incoming calls will display the caller details where known and offer the option of Answer, Ignore or Reject the call.



When a call is active, either incoming or outgoing, the call details are displayed at the top of the screen including number, duration and volume controls

Call control options will be available for hold, transfer, conference and record


At the bottom of the screen is the option to finish the call


Recording Calls

There is an option to record calls which can be initiated once a call is in progress by pressing the record icon

You may be required to allow Altos to access photos and media files on your device?

Please note that this is local call recording to the mobile device only with no integration to the ALTOS platform. There is also an option to automatically record all calls which can be found under Preferences –Call Recording –Record all calls


Call Playback

Any recorded calls can be played back from the Call History tab (filter by Recorded Calls). These will be indicated by the following icon


Playback can be paused and by tapping the 3 dots, can also be deleted or shared as an attachment using an appropriate messaging or email application.



Quick Dial

Quick Dial (Favourites) -- This tab provides the ability to add quick-dial buttons for regularly dialled colleagues with the option of displaying basic BLF information to identify if available (On Call / Off Call).

The screen layout can be changed from grid view to list view by selecting the 3 dots in the top right of the screen

To add or change Quick Dial contacts, select the 3 dots and then select Edit mode. When in this mode each favourite will have an x appended to the name icon to indicate it is editable.


You can now change the name, number, toggle the Busy Lamp Field indicator or remove the entry completely using the trash bin icon at the top.

Any changes should be confirmed by tapping the tick. If you delete an entry you are prompted for confirmation.

To dial a contact, perform a single tap on the relevant favourite and the call will be initiated.

You will be presented with several options if do a long press on the contact.




It is possible to send simple messages to colleagues in your company who also use the mobile softphone application.

Please note that this is only mobile to mobile and does not integrate or synchronise to Phone Buddy

The easiest way to message a colleague is to first create them as a Favourite then perform a long press on the relevant contact and choose the message option

The message chat tab will open, type your message and tap the send arrow.



If the message is successfully delivered it will be indicated with a tick. If it has failed it will be indicated by an exclamation icon.

Providing that the ALTOS app is open or running in the background any new messages will be indicated by a notification icon from the Operating System and within the app itself, the messages icon will indicate new messages by an incremental number appended to the tab icon.


From within an existing message, you can also initiate a phone call or delete the message history.


Call History

A call log of made, received and recorded calls is stored and are accessible via the Call History tab



Calls can be filtered by tapping the ‘All Calls’ label and this allows selection of your choice.

Selecting the 3 dots offers options to clear the history or remove individual entries via the ‘Edit mode’ which permits multiple selections prior to tapping the trash bin icon.

Confirmation is required before individual calls are removed, or the list cleared entirely.



Some of the options under Preferences are not applicable or recommended to be kept at their default values and therefore will not be covered in the documentation.


Allows the setting of an individual ringtone or inherits the global settings of the mobile handset.

Call recording

allows the user to set the option to Record all calls. Any recordings are stored as individual files on the mobile device and retention is limited by device storage availability. There is an option to delete recordings after a selectable time period (between 1 week and 6 months).


Allows the settings of various parameters related to sound and volume.

Contact sort order

Toggles order between ‘First name, last name’ or ‘last name, first name’.


Allows the user to configure whether the app starts automatically in the background after a device boot.


  • On GSM Call–configure settings for action in the event of an incoming GSM call when in the middle of an ALTOS call (Do nothing / Put call on hold / Play message)
  • Show GSM button–determines whether to always display the GSM button on the dialler keypad tab
  • Always show voicemail button-determines whether to always display the Voicemail button on the dialler keypad tab


  • Show contacts without number determine whether to display contacts only if they have a valid phone number assigned
  • Write to native history determines whether call history should be written to the native device call history

Troubleshooting Log Toggles the saving of log data on or off


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