Google Captcha - Chrome Browser Adjustments



This guide is intended for Server Administrators 


To help with Google Captcha issues, there is an adjustment that can be made to your Google Chrome browsers

Follow the steps below to push these settings to your devices using your schools' Group Policy Management

The Google Chrome configuration will limit the number of search requests submitted to Google.

Instead of a search request being sent every time a character is entered in the search bar, the search request will only be sent when enter is pressed. 


Step 1 - Downloading the policy template

  • The Group Policy Template can be downloaded from the link here.


Step 2 - Importing the template to your GPO management console

  • Login to your domain controller and extract the Chrome Policy file to your desktop.
  • Open your Group Policy Management console. 
  • Right-click your network domain and choose “Create a GPO in this domain, and link it here”
  • Name the GPO
  • Click OK


Step 3 - Importing the template to your GPO management console

  • Your Google Chrome GPO should be listed on your console 



  • Right-click on your policy and choose Edit
  • Navigate to: User configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates:




  • Right-click the administrative templates and click on Add/Remove Templates… and click Add from the new window
  • Now you need to navigate to the policy template you downloaded earlier, add the chrome.adm file
  • Click Open
  • Then click Close
  • Your Google Chrome Policy should be listed under “Classic Administrative Templates ADM > Google > Google Chrome"



  • Select the Default Search Provider



  • Right-click Default Search Provider Suggest URL then select Edit
  • Copy this text into the “Default search provider suggest URL” box: {google:baseURL}complete/search?



  • Click Apply then OK
  • Close the Policy Editor and then Enforce the GPO Policy


Once complete, roll out a GPO update

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