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The scheduling functionality allows you to define events so that some of the Cloud Telephony features can be different depending on the time and/or days, such as opening and closing hours.

You can make these events a regular occurrence or you can also set up Holiday events to allow for different routing during different times of the year.

The schedule option can be found under the 'Site Management Tab'.





On the calendar, the Cloud Telephony portal will show all events you have set up for this specific site, this view can be customised by the options in the top right to show a month, week, or day view.




To create an event such as work hours as an example you can click on the “Add” button and this will open another window to create a schedule.



Within here you need to give the Schedule a name, such as “Working Hours”, select the type, whether it is a holiday or time, and finally choose a colour for it to be shown on the Schedule in. Clicking on “Create” will then allow you to specify the detail of this event.



Unticking the “All Day Event” checkbox will allow you to adjust the start date and time, as well as setting the end date and time.

If you would then like to set any reoccurrence of this event you can do so from the drop-down menus where different screens will then display











Once you have set the occurrence and completed the other details you can then click on “Create” where this event will be added to your calendar view.

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