Hosting Facility Specifications

Situated in the heart of London’s Data Hub, Docklands, IP House operate a purpose-built Data Centre, dedicated to providing industry leading solutions. A highly secure facility, protected by 24/7 CCTV and additional anti-intrusion measures, make our facility the premier choice for your colocation needs.


Our site is protected with advanced security systems with access being restricted to selected and approved personnel only. The purpose built structure benefits from the omission of windows, greatly reducing the potential risk of intrusion. With 24 hour surveillance and security personnel, you can be assured that IP House exceeds your security needs. IP House security features include a controlled access policy, 24/7 security with external and internal IP CCTV including ANPR, Grade III intruder and perimeter detection with anti-climb and IP Access Control with multiple man traps and anti-passback. This includes secure parking and unload areas for your equipment.


The Facility has 2MVA of power, providing diversity to critical systems and the technical area throughout the Data Centre. An EN50600 and Tier III level power system, from our dedicated on-site substation to rack level distribution; the facility is energised by Schneider Electric, the industries global leaders. Dual independent switchgears, supported by dedicated APC Symmetra PX UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) and generator backup systems, allow this resilient system to provide true diverse power to all critical areas of the Data Centre.

Environment & Monitoring

Industry leading monitoring, courtesy of Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare™ DCIM Suite, provides extensive visibility across the entire Data Centre. Environmental sensors alert our facility operators and clients to changing conditions to allow precise reporting of the environment. Our highly intelligent BMS integrates seamlessly to combine all monitored elements of the facility, this includes: power, cooling, temperature and humidity, FM200 fire suppression and leak detection. This high-level monitoring, together with optional additions, is available to all of our clients for added assurance.

Network Access

We have resilient dark fibre access to the site, giving us in excess of 500Gbps+ of bandwidth should we need it. We can offer managed resilient VPLS services back to Secure cloud (VDOM) packages, connecting your compute to your sites securely at speed upto 10Gbps. In addition we can provide dedicated 10Gbps wave services to a variety of other Data Centre locations around the UK.

Build & Test Suite

IP House provides a private and secure test suite for customers allowing for maintenance and build work to be carried out on-site. Equipment can be shipped directly to site allowing configuration to be completed at the facility. With pre-provisioned hardware and connectivity, your engineers will maximise their time at our facility, allowing for rapid deployment and installation of your equipment. Comfort seating is provided along with refreshments. For extended visits or meetings, IP House can offer a private meeting area located within the immediate vicinity.

Smart Hands

Deploying resources to site to perform planned and unplanned maintenance work can be inconvenient and costly. To help support the day-to-day operations of your hosted equipment, and therefore your business, we offer a comprehensive support service covering the management of onsite tasks, procedures and fault reporting. Certified technicians are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can be safe in the knowledge that all of your services, no matter how large or small, are in the hands of our experienced professionals, who will act as an extension of your own team. Pricing available upon request.

Choice of access types:-

Shared Co-Location

Shared Co-Location can be bought in 'U's. A standard unit of rack measurement. The shared Co-Location racks are as the name suggests shared. As such access is escorted to ensure a uninterrupted service for all tenants, apart from that we expect a reasonable power consumption footprint, typically around 300-500Watts per 'u' (Around that of the average 1U single socket server). Options are available for single or dual feed for the power, should your equipment support dual power supplies.

Dedicated Co-Location

Dedicated Co-Location gives you complete 24/7 Access and control of a 1/4, 1/2 or full rack. We can even provide intra-rack patching to keep things tidy. Rack's are limited to 4Kwh, and come as standard with Dual metered PSU units. 

IP House Pod

Detailed Technical Specifications

Total Area Approximately 16,000ft2
Fully Developed Technical Area   Approximately 14,000ft2
Floor Loading Point loading of computer floor 450kg
Connectivity LAN/WAN/Private Cloud connectivity at native speeds, Internet 1mb upward to multi GigE, Metro connectivity and fibre routes to a number of Data Centres including AQL, THN & LD8
Dark Fibre Specification 40xCHL DWDM Mux East & West, granting 80xChannels of capacity.


Environment Control 21 degrees C±3 degrees C and humidity at 50% ± 10% with cooling load per rack of 4kW at full occupancy
Air Conditioning System   Denco DX
Room Cooling Units 70Kw down flow handlers (pressurized raised floor)
Feature N+1 configuration (Each AHU is independent)


Utility Supply Dedicated utility incomer feeding dual HV distribution
Standby Diesel Generator Dual FG Wilson
Standby Generator Capacity   2x 980Kva
Operational Capacity 24h fuel storage with fuel delivery callout contract in place, 14,000 litre separate tank
UPS APC Symmetra PX
UPS Capacity N+1, 4 x 500 kVA with infrastructure to add more units as load requires
Autonomy Period 10 minutes at full rated load
Power to Equipment UPS protected, dual supplies to each rack. Intelligent 0u in-rack mounted power strips to standard outlets


General System comprises of 3 stage detection
First Stage Detection Smoke detectors
Second and Third Stage Detection   Fully addressable analogue alarm system. Double knock condition will initiate gas release
Gas Suppression FM200


Manned Security   24 x 7 x 365 security cover
CCTV Coverage of external/internal areas, including Data Centre suites and authorized access areas
Access Control Access card authentication
Site Access Multi-stage authentication before gaining access to facility


Building Management   Alarm monitoring system; reports on electrical, mechanical, temperature, humidity, fire, leaks, security and access control
Delivery Lorry access to delivery point. Facilities provided: secure delivery storage and build and test suite
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